INSPIRATION: The Rolling Stones in Exile


In 1972, the Rolling Stones rent the villa Nellcôte in Villefranche-sur-Mer in the South of France, escaping tax problems and recording “Exile on Main Street.”


French photographer Dominique Tarlé camped out with the band, taking some of the most epic RS photos of all time.


“For me the whole of the game was to remain invisible and to have the least possible impact on what was going on around me.”

-Dominique Tarlé


I LOVE the contrast of glittering French glamour mixed with rock-and-roll grittiness and dirtiness and intense creative expression.


The Rolling Stones in Exile in the South of France // all photos by Dominique Tarlé // via Snap Galleries

More information on the bomb RS French villa of debauchery here, and of course this documentary on The Rolling Stones in Exile is excellent.

Ann Howell BullardComment