SUNDAY READING: The Black Keys Circle Bag


I actually found this record after I had made the Black Keys Circle Bag, and bought it because it reminded me so much of it -- I love the texture of that old sleeve, and the contrast with the solid black block letters. Also, Howlin Wolf.

Water Lilies Vicente Wolf.jpg

The inky blackness of water lily ponds holds a special intrigue for me... dark but also glimmering; still and then suddenly moving.

Water Flowers 2 Vicente Wolf.jpg

I especially love the INDOOR WATER LILY POND (!!!) in Vicente Wolf's astoundingly beautiful NYC loft... his home is plant goals, antique goals, color palette goals, general goals goals...

Books with stars and roman numerals.JPG
Book Text.JPG

And if you want more Sunday Reading...

On judging a book (or a wine label) by its cover, by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Smokestack Lightning.

Peruse the rest of Vicente Wolfe's home tour on One Kings Lane.



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