Frolicking with Clutches

Classic Stripey Leather Clutch - by Ann Howell ART

Classic Stripey has been my favorite lately. Those brush strokes become even more inky and deep with the satin-finish glaze, and the little gold button centered on that middle stripe just does it for me. Each time I carry it I find myself scrutinizing the stripes, looking at each little streak. Each one turns out so differently! Stripey feels ladylike, but also painterly and interesting -- excellent for dressing up or down, for dinner dates, Saturday afternoon window shopping, or -- my personal favorite -- casual mid-day forest frolics.

Classic Stripey Leather Clutch -- by Ann Howell ART

On a more practical note, when taking your hand-painted leather clutch(es) for a casual mid-day forest frolic, here are some pointers that might be beneficial:

  1. Avoid poison ivy.
  2. Avoid water moccasins.
  3. Avoid spiders. 
  4. Don't stand on rotten trees.
  5. Check for ticks upon completing forest frolic.


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