This Art --> Right There

Sometimes I like to play interior decorator with other people's rooms that I see on Pinterest. At this current moment, I am not prepared to comment on whether that is a productive way to spend my time. BUT anyway, I found 3 rooms that seem like they could be good hosts to some LIPSTICK STUDIES artwork

For example, I feel pretty strongly that Black Crossbones placed to the upper left of the skull on the wall above that bed right there ^^^^ (directly behind the pendant lamp) would be pretty magical. 

Moving right along, I'm thinking I'd hang super-bright Neon Plus directly behind those tippy-top fig leaves, to the center/right of the two amazing framed indigo-colored pieces that are already there.

Finally, I think that Fuchsia Lip Palette and Rosy Lip Palette hung side by side over what looks like the coziest bed in the world would add a nice pink glow to the mix.