Framed Original Color Studies = Super Fun

I bet so many people were just thinking "GAH I wish there was neon pink lipstick art I could put up on my walls!" (I've got neon lips AND gold glitter hearts on the walls in my house, and my husband is like totally in love with it. I mean I'm pretty sure he is... JK, I don't ask. On purpose.) Anyway, do not worry -- now we have 15 original framed LIPSTICK STUDIES artworks!  

My brain is not exactly organized, but rather chaotic and sort of explodes out colors, shapes, patterns, textures, etc. until I figure out what I'm doing.  And that is exactly where these color studies came from -- I picked my favorites, worked with a cute local shop to select custom mats, and found lovely solid wood whitewashed frames.

Shop all 15 here, if you'd like -- each one is $125 (with free shipping!) I hope you enjoy my brain chaos... lately it's been super pink and super X-y. :)

peace + love,