Ann Howell Bullard


The AHB woman is independent in that she curates, for herself, a certain harmony between her style and her personality. 

 She lives without constraint, following no rules except to engage only with art objects, ideas, and moods that move, provoke, and delight her, that connect to her imaginary world. 

She is aware of her complex, multifaceted nature, comfortable with nuance and with the juxtaposition of seemingly oppositional or contrasting ideas. She knows she is not defined by one singular thing. 

She believes modern elegance is found in independently navigating these contrasts: intuitively understanding when to seek convenience, when to take the long way… when to use a machine, when to make something by hand… when to indulge, when to show restraint… when to sit with darkness, when to escape… when to be tough, when to melt… when to focus on details, when to take in the big picture… when to enchant, when to disturb… when to seek truth, when to play with illusion… when to touch emotion, when to appeal to reason… when to be meticulous, when to embrace chaos… when to be nostalgic, when to invent the future… when to appeal to science, when to look for magic… when to polish, when to touch wildness…

Above all, for her, art is a way of living, a way of translating oneself, and everything is a medium. 


What I love: art, the blues, the American South, having four names, chiles rellenos, cheese and crackers, the Tar Heels, purposeful run-on sentences, enormous pots of soup, drinking wine + tequila (separately, obvi), sprinkling glitter, browsing shops, reading stories, telling stories, sipping tea constantly, killing houseplants, snuggling, creating things out of nothing

Not my gift: sports, dealing with spiders, functioning in cold weather, dancing




All Ann Howell Bullard photography by Anna Routh Barzin, Emily Lyons-Wood, and Baxter Miller.