Does the paint rub off?

The paint won't rub off with normal use, but it will scratch, as will the leather! Treat your clutch with love and it will last for many years, developing a lovely patina over time. Take special care with keys, watches, rings, bracelets, etc. around your clutch -- those are the usual scratch culprits.

What kind of materials do you use?

I use natural, veg-tanned calf skin, acrylic ink, YKK zippers and solid brass hardware.

I want to buy one, but I can't pick my favorite! HOW DO YOU CHOOSE!?!?

This happens to me all the time, too! The amazing thing is these clutches seem to have a chameleon effect and mesh with every outfit and every style -- from polished, to bohemian, to edgy. Mixing and matching tassels also helps: for example, I carry the Dendur Clutch with pom poms for a more sophisticated look, and then switch to the vintage baluchi tassel for some global flair. The most neutral clutches are the Painted Screen and Crossbones, but I'd say follow your heart and buy the one you absolutely love -- it will go with more than you think! If you're buying this as a gift and are concerned you won't pick the right one, shoot me an email ( and we can easily arrange for a swap in case your gift recipient falls in love with a different clutch.

What is the deal with those vintage tassels?

I am obsessed with the vintage tassels -- they're handmade, found, and from the Baluchi region of Afghanistan circa 1980. I have a source who scouts them out for me, and each shipment I get is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. I love the patina, intricate beadwork, colors, and faded imperfections on each one. Scoop one up before they sell out!