I have been playing with this idea for a long time now, and am so so so so very excited to release this first collection of leather evening bags! I'm in love with the drama of bright lipstick shades and black-and-white everything.

FUN FACT: I got the seed money for this collection when my husband bet me a hundred dollars that I couldn't eat all my breakfast.  Thinking he was trying to trick me into sharing my food, I was like OH YES I CAN and I ate it all, like a champ. And then Kevin took a hundred dollar out of his rubber band wallet (he's fancy like that) and smacked it on the table. I took it straight to the leather store and bought half a cow, and now we have leather evening bags. #marriage

THE COLORS: My obsession with black and white and every shade of pink is not really something that I try to hide (because, why?). The black I use is really inky and deep, and I love how the brush stroke gives it some texture. I mix up each of the lipstick shades individually (fuchsia, crimson, neon pink, magenta), so there's some slight hue variance from bag to bag. 

THE SHAPE: The flat envelope shape of this evening bag has crisp, clean lines + sharp edges. The extra long envelope flap stays shut when you hold it from the top, bottom, or sides, and it fits naturally in your hand. This is significant for people who like to dance a lot -- your stuff will remain secure in this evening bag.

THE MATERIALS: I like this white chap leather because it has a luxe hand-feel, is thick and sturdy, and has a smooth, creamy color. I use special paints designed to resist cracking and fading, and seal each envelope with a protective glaze. I work with an award-winning leather craftsman to stitch each envelope to perfection (when he's not busy traveling the globe to make custom motorcycles...!!!). He's cooler than I am.

THE STORIES: Each of these bags comes from a special place in my heart and creative world. I'm excited to share bits of the creative process behind each one! Click "Let's Be Friends!" here if you'd like to receive blog posts and shop updates by email -- 1 or 2 times per week. 



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